Be Prepared For the Top 5 Diet Saboteurs

top 5 diet saboteurs

Making the decision to go on a diet isn’t the only thing that it takes to lose weight and keep it off. It’s a really great beginning, but there are obstacles lurking around the corner that will cause you to mistakenly believe you can’t overcome them.

Being aware of what these are, so you can prepare for them before they happen will help you stick to your diet. Do you know what these dangers are? Well, we’re about to find out…

Top 5 Diet Saboteurs

1. Family and Friends – Don’t get me wrong… they mean well, but they can be a big stumbling block to your success if you let them. Sometimes it is simply that they miss the old you. Sometimes we get cranky, which they don’t like. But, the biggest thing is that being on a diet can rob them and you of the enjoyment once shared over food. They may make jokes they think are funny, but
you don’t. Have a talk with them and tell them that you are serious about your diet and that instead of making jokes, or hurtful remarks, you really need their support. If they have your best interest at heart, they will understand.

2. Lack of Sleep – Not getting enough sleep can have a similar effect as consuming too much alcohol. It can impair your ability to think and to focus and cause you to feel stress at a higher degree than if you were well rested. If you habitually don’t rest well at night it’s important to rule out the possibility of having a sleep issue like sleep apnea. If that isn’t the problem, then create an appealing and relaxing environment. The next thing to do is to get on a regular sleep schedule. Doing these things and getting enough sleep will help you stay on your diet.

3. Lack of Exercise – Sometimes a diet will make you feel lethargic. Just as a little side note here… if that’s the case with you, you might want to find another diet. Exercise is important if you want to lose weight more quickly and keep it off, so you want to be on a diet that will give you energy, not rob you of energy. But, whatever it takes, start moving more. Exercise not only helps burn more calories, but it increases the production of endorphins that help you feel happier and it will help build stamina, too.

4. Lack of Proper Planning – It’s a given… diets require planning ahead. If you’re on a diet plan that requires you to eat several small meals throughout the day, make sure to pack a snack so you don’t get off your schedule. If you have an emergency situation that prevents you from sticking to your diet, just forget about it and get back on schedule as quickly as possible. Don’t let that mishap be your excuse to give up entirely.

5. Extreme Diet Focus – Some people will give up their entire lives for the sake of a diet. If they do this, they will usually revert back to their old ways. Your life consists of much more than a diet plan. When you talk to friends, make sure your conversations don’t revolve around what you are eating, how much weight you have lost, etc. Not only will you eventually get tired of the pointed focus and want to give up altogether, your friends will want to stop talking to you. So, recognize that your diet is only a part of who you are. Stay committed, but focus on other more fun things in your life.

You certainly don’t want surprises that will cause you to give up. So by being aware of what these culprits are, you can take measures ahead of time to be prepared for them.

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