Quicker Weight Loss – Can a Good Breakfast Help?

quicker weight loss

Yep, I know it might seem counter intuitive, but eating a big breakfast will actually help you lose weight more quickly than if you skipped breakfast. The first meal of the day kick starts your metabolism, sets tone for the day and can lead to quicker weight loss.

This will help you burn calories all day long. Sounds great doesn’t it… eat more food – lose more weight? However, your breakfast food choices will affect the benefit you gain from eating it. If you begin your day with sweets, it can cause cravings for sweets the rest of the day.

When grocery shopping, please pass up the breakfast cereals laden with sugar and the toaster pastries. Stock up on wholesome, nutritional foods instead. You might ask what an ideal breakfast would include…

An ideal breakfast will include:

Complex carbs
Piece of fruit
Water, unsweetened tea, or unsweetened coffee

Good breakfast choices for Quicker Weight Loss:

Omelets made with veggies
Greek yogurt
Whole grain toast
Green smoothies
Yogurt smoothies
Protein shake with fruit
Whole grain, low sugar cereal
Peanut butter (spread on whole grain toast)
Piece of fruit
Berries (in cereal, smoothies and shakes)
Homemade low fat, low sweet muffins

Take time to eat a healthy and filling breakfast and you will be rewarded with quicker weight loss results. Plus, It will lead to long-term weight loss success. And if this sounds like too much of a chore first thing in the morning, prepare your breakfast the night before… it’s that important.


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