Prepare for Food Emergencies

prepare for food emergencies

We’ve all had it happpen to us… we work late, get caught in traffic, long lines when running errands. Then, when we get home we’re so hungry we grab the first thing we can get our hands on to eat.

Today’s article is designed to give you some tips on how to handle the above situations successfully. That means being prepared for these types of occurrences.

We tend to eat junk food because it is convenient. so, make wholesome food convenient and then you won’t have an excuse for eating junk food.

The best advice I can give you is to have healthy meals and snacks ready and waiting for you. If you will take the time to portion your food as soon as you arrive home from grocery shopping, you will be prepared for just about anything. And I’m going to share some tips that will help you do that. 

Prepare for Food Emergencies – From Grocery Store to Success

  • When you purchase veggies go ahead and wash or peel, chop and divide them into one-cup portions. Store them in the refrigerator in resealable plastic baggies or small plastic containers until you’re ready to use them.
  • If you buy large bags of snack foods (they’re less expensive that way), divide these into small portions and store in plastic bags and keep them in your cabinet or pantry.
  • Wash fruits as soon as you get home with them and put them in a large bowl in the fridge. Then when you are in a hurry, it’s ready. You will eat more fruit if it is clean and waiting for you.
  • If you like mixed fruit you can prepare a bowl of it too.
  • My final tip is to take a small bag of nuts, seeds or healthy trail mix with you every time you leave the house. It really come in handy sometimes.

Planning and preparing ahead will make it a lot easier to stay on track when you experience a time crunch and are hungry.

You will find that these tips will help you save both time and money by portioning foods this way. But, the trick is to do this as soon as you get home from grocery shopping.

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