Diet Sodas Interfere with Weight Loss

stop drinking diet sodaIt is so common when you decide to go on a diet to switch from drinking regular sodas to drinking diet ones. Yes, diet soda is free from calories, but it can be more detrimental to your health than you may be aware.

Diet sodas are loaded with artificial chemical sweeteners that have been proven to have negative side effects… some very severe. For example, did you know that saccharine is known to be a carcinogen, meaning that it causes cancer. Sweeteners like sucralose and aspertame can actually cause blood sugar spikes to alarming levels.

Yes, I know, your body isn’t getting any sugar in these drinks. However these sweeteners are so effective at mimicking real sugar that it even tricks the body into thinking it is ingesting sugar. The spike in blood sugar makes you even hungrier and this is something you definitely don’t want when you’re trying to lose weight, because it will cause you to eat when you don’t need to.  That is one way diet sodas interfere with weight loss.

Here’s another way they interfere with weight loss… if you drink soda that will mean you are drinking less water. This can negatively impact your efforts to lose weight. If soda is what you are in the habit of drinking most of the time, you’ll definitely want to try to find ways to limit how much you drink.

To help you with your effort to eliminate diet soda, I’ll share some ideas.

Tips for Eliminating Diet Soda

  • If you feel that you must have the taste of a soda, you are better off if you drink regular soda. This might sound counter intuitive if you want to lose weight. Although regular soda is far from being good for you, it doesn’t have the same number of negative effects on your health.
  • Drink carbonated water like San Pellegrino or Perrier. These come in plain carbonated water and a few different flavors like citrus.
  • Make a mix of club soda and a small amount of your favorite juice. My favorite is club soda with a splash of cranberry juice with a twist of lime… yummy!
  • Make iced herbal tea. This can be very flavorful and satisfying. It’s easy to make and goes nicely with a snack or meal.

For some people, this won’t be easy to do. Most sodas contain caffeine and that is addictive. So, you may crave the taste of the soda and the caffeine in it. If you can’t see yourself quitting cold turkey, then cut back on your consumption. Make the decision to limit your sodas to one per day. Begin to view your one soda as a treat instead of your preferred beverage. In time, you will get use to this and it won’t be a problem because you will feel satisfied with less and eventually you may be able to let go of it completely.

So, just because it’s called “diet” soda, it isn’t the best think to drink if you are on a diet. It’s time for a new you and drinking soda (either regular or diet) isn’t the answer… drinking more water is. When you drink more water and less soda, weight loss will be easier and another real benefit is that you will save a little money too.


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