Benefits of Exercise



It cannot be said often enough that you need to get movin’. Exercise can benefit your body, not only to burn more calories, but will improve your health in so many says. Yes, the benefits of exercise can be amazing.

Some Benefits of Exercise:

Burns calories and reduces weight
Raises good cholesterol levels
Helps control insulin levels
Increases oxygen level
Improves memory
Improves heart health
Lowers blood pressure
Reduces risk of cancer
Improves stamina
Improves strength
Improves your mood
Reduces depression
Reduces stress levels

All too often, dieters tend to leave exercise out of their plan.This is a mistake. Another mistake that people who do exercise often make is to engage in a routine that is too rigorous and unrealistic for the long-term. Your exercise routine should include various activities that are enjoyable and that can become an integrated part of your day-to-day lifestyle.

If you’re new to exercise, there are many things you can do to add movement to your daily routine. Exercise can help to keep you focused on your overall goals to lose weight and to feel better. It will help you to not only live a longer life, but one with better quality health.

It doesn’t matter if you’re one of those people who haven’t given much consideration to exercising, or you’re the type of person who works out hard and burn out quickly…take a look at these moderate ways to add more movement to your life:

Moderate Exercise Ideas

  • Take a walk in the evening ofter dinner. If you’re not in good shape, it doesn’t have to be a fast or long walk.
  • During boring TV commercials, do sit ups, stretch or walk in place.
  • When you get to work or when you’re running errands, get into the habit of parking in the far end of the parking lot so you will have farther to walk to reach your destination.
  • When the weather is bad, go to the mall to walk. Most malls have specified hours early in the morning for people who want to walk.
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